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Hair Extensions Montreal - best hair extensions montreal

Looking for hair extensions in Montreal? Clip in hair extensions in Montreal? Tape in hair extensions in Montreal?

Yes! We do ship to Montreal. Mes Rallonges is a hair extension company founded in Montreal with the sole mission of offering high-quality hair extensions in Montrealé 

Stop paying for overpriced hair extensions in Montreal. The real deal is Mes Rallonges! 

Order quality hair at an affordable price.

Mes Rallonges already shipped 17,483 orders to Montreal

Shipping hair extensions in Montreal by

Most Mes Rallonges customers in your area prefer to wearclip-in extensions.


Clip-ins are a popular type: you can install them without special help or equipment, at home, in a matter of minutes.
This is exactly why they are considered as an entry-level type, but they are also perfect if you are in a rush or just want a temporary solution. Ready for the transformation? Browse colors!


Other popular hair extensions are tape-ins, micro loops, fusion, and sew-ins. Browse all hair extensions types.

Shipping to your city takes 1 to 7 business days after placing your order.

Have a question? Our customer service team is at your disposal if you have any questions!

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Montreal hair extensions reviews

Mes Rallonges hair extensions montreal Reviews

Hair extensions in Montreal
Hair extensions in Montreal
Hair extensions in Montreal

Montreal Hair Extensions

Buying hair extensions in Montreal may be a difficult endeavor! Here’s a fact: hair extensions in Montreal are a niche market. In other words, not many people are looking to buy hair extensions in Montreal. As a result, there are only a few sellers who offer hair extensions in Montreal.

This could be because there’s a misconception that hair extensions in Montreal are expensive. Another reason could be that the customer service offered by hair extensions stores in Montreal is highly questionable.

Regardless, there aren’t many hair extensions stores in Montreal.

As of today, the reference when it comes to buying hair extensions in Montreal is Orly Afrika. It’s a Montreal hair extension store that offers different types of hair extensions. They also install hair extension.

But what if you wish to buy hair extensions online? Do you really need to drive all the way to Orly Afrika or try to find a different hair extension store?


The best place to buy hair extension in Montreal is on

We have thousands of customers all across Quebec, including Montreal.

Buy hair extensions Montreal is a French website, but if you wish to visit our English website, visit

We’re the same company and it’s the same website. But each website is in different language.

We offer different types of hair extensions: clip in, tape in, micro loop, fusion, and sew-in.

Our hair extensions are made of human remy hair. In other words, it’s a great hair quality that will ensure that your hair extensions look natural and will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Clip in hair extensions Montreal

The best hair extensions in Montreal are clip in hair extensions. You install those hair extensions! Yes! You will not have to book an expensive appointment with a hairdresser to have hair extension installed when you purchase clip in hair extensions. This is precisely why clip in hair extensions in Montreal keep gaining in popularity. Are you ready to dramatically change your look with clip in hair extensions in Montreal?

Best hair extensions Montreal

The best hair extensions in Montreal are available right here on our friendly and easy-to-use online store. You can discover right now quality human hair extensions available in different hair colors and hair lengths. We proudly offer black natural hair extensions, brown natural hair extensions, blonde natural hair extensions, and many other hair colors. revolutionized the way we buy hair extensions because we offer a friendly, hassle-free return policy. If you respect our return policy, you can return your order for a full refund. We’ll even pay your return fees so you have nothing to lose by buying hair extensions in Montreal on today! 

What hair extensions can you order in Montreal? Montreal hair extensions

Beside visiting Orly Afrika, a hair extension salon in Montreal, you can also order your hair extensions in Montreal online using Mes Rallonges user-friendly interface. Mes Rallonges sells the following hair extensions in Montreal: 

  • Clip in hair extensions Montreal
  • Human hair extensions Montreal
  • Remy hair extensions Montreal

The best hair extensions in Montreal are here! 

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